Jam Jar Comes Alive

the prototyping is over.. and it's alive, alive i tell ye!

recycled a set of discarded organ foot pedals, hooked it up to a pretty nifty (if i do say so myself) yet extremely rudimentary (if i do say so myself) square wave synth, and ran it into a horn driver i had lying around.

the original plan with the horn driver was to make a talkbox.
it became a wooden box instead. also fine.

the whole thing is monophonic, but the nifty part is i came up with a way to play power chords by pressing a single note on the pedals - you can mix the base note, a fifth up and an octave up using the three knobs on the left.
master volume on the right.
in between is a switch to throw the whole thing another octave up.

i'm quite happy with it, i must say, although it's pretty hard to play.
in a way it's so ridiculous it becomes poetic. well, almost.

video footage here!