Austria was amazing. i've never been so close to all the clichés i had of the country. hotels in green meadows up on a mountain, waking up to the clanging of the Cows coming home. no, really.

the gig went really well!
two lazy bums having one day of half-assed rehearsal (hi patrik!) and deciding it would work. it did. although i have to admit i don't have mr. lechner's stamina - feels like i played two shows rolled into one. still have to check the multitrack recordings the organisation was kind enough to provide us with - will definitely have to make an edit of that, i'm sure there's some moments in there worth making public, ha.
more on that later, i would think.

meanwhile i was part of the Monochord Ensemble for champ d'action's Time Canvas here in antwerp, repaired Ultra Metal IceMan's marshall valvestate (nuff said), saw a cool show by Wieter Dockx, had to rehouse the Gristleizer (fell down twice, plastic casing wasn't up for it) and starting going through a harddrive full of recordings made in norway.
first on the pile: the False Friend sessions. gon' be good!!