hindsight II

a live rendition of 'King Of The Cabin', as found on the Tropisch Excuus compilation cd-r. Which was put together by Leonoor of Mitt Land Och Leo descent.

had a perfect soundcheck, took my stuff down when other acts had to check, and then switched my stereo out when i came on - plugged into the wrong DI's.
hence the immense volume on the Casio at 1'36". that's how loud the beats should've been.. please do your own audio maths.

and then, due to Lord Tyfus' absence, i was forced to sing the next tune -
on the cd it's his lovely squeal doing the honours.

yup, that wood bee a sour take on the immortal classic, the apex of the mans' oeuvre:

hmm. i guess you shoulda been there. or sumpin'.